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Welcome to the NEW DKz Website


Greetings Knightz, and welcome to our new digital home.

In 20+ years of this guilds existence we have had many different websites. but this by far will be the most user friendly site to date. once you log in and have the account name you want ( some have been using there DKz- Tags and some have not.) Then request to join the guild by clicking request join on the guild info page. I do have the integrated forums working as well. In the next coming months we will be installing many more mods like our Teamspeak Server mod that will let you see who is in the channels and then click and join right from our site. We will soon have our own personal gallery for screen shots or whatever the hell you want to put in there. If you would like to request a DKz gaming email address ” ” please do so in the forums, Game leaders if you want forum room for your specific game and we dont have it just jump on Teamspeak and let us know.


I am very happy to bring you our new website and home. Keep checking back for more cool shit and things.


Founder and Co-Leader