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Warface Got A New Publisher


Whether or not you heard, Warface got a new publisher. Crytek is now partnering with for all hosting/publishing. Prior to this change, the publisher was GFACE. The new website is

This migration has come with plenty of issues. The issue stems from players having multiple ways to launch the game, through steam or through GFACE (originally). If you ever played, and want to come back, please visit for all troubleshooting for migration.

I have heard that has announced that there will be 3 North American servers, to help balance the load of large amount of players that have carried over, and that have started new. There will be an East coast, Central, and West coast server. I am not currently aware of the locations.

Other than the migration that happened on 2/1/17, there is not much other news. If you feel like trying out the game, (it is FTP after all), please visit to check it out and download.

~ DKz-Shadow

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    Feb 12, 2017 @ 21:07 pm

    Looks good Shadow ….