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Entire US Army Rangers Assimilate Into the Order


Good Afternoon Brothers and Sisters of the Order. 

For the past 60 days, The Order has been working with SL1PSTR34M the Guild Leader of the US Army Rangers Guild, On the assimilation of the US Army Rangers FPS Guild into the Order of Digital Knightz. The Game Leader DKz-Shadow, and Guild Leaders Dkz-Kasper, DKz-Stormer and DKz-Ninex have all been working with SL1PSTR34M so ensure that this large assimilation is smooth and goes off with little or no hitches. As many of you already know this is not the first time the Order has taken an entire guild and its members into the Order. This is the first time that a guild leader will be making the ascension into the Order. SL1PSTR34M or as he is known now, DKz-SL1PSTR34M will start his climb into the Order as 3rd circle. DKz-SL1PSTR34M will move to 2nd circle within 90 days providing he remains the great person and great leader that we in the Order have all seen. The Other members in this guild will start as full members of the Order in 4th circle and will have all the rights and privileges that any other full member of The Order receives.  For Full List See “The Great Hall” on the DKz site. 


Welcome to the Order of Digital Knightz



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    Dkz Angelfire Reply
    Mar 23, 2017 @ 7:40 am

    Welcome guys 😀

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    DKz-SL1PSTR34M Reply
    Apr 14, 2017 @ 22:13 pm

    THANKS FOR THE WARM WELCOME! I hope that my clanmates and I prove to be an asset as we transform from Rangers into Knightz. Many thanks to DKz-Shadow, DKz-Pyro, and DKz-Ninex for dropping veiled as well as BLATANT invites.

    “You know SL1P, you should just bring your clan over and join DKz…… I mean, you play with us all the time anyway…”
    – DKz-Shadow ).

    Then there was DKz-Ninex’s comment to DKz-Shadow, which at the time I had no knowledge of,………

    “You watch, I’m going to convince him and his entire clan to drop out of the US.Army.Rangers and join the Digital Knightz”
    – DKz-Ninex

    (Ninex’s quote is probably not “exactly” word for word what he said, but its close enough to what was said to create a lot of
    laughter when his impromptu prediction became reality!)

    Thanks again for the awesome welcome!