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Congratulations !


The Order of Digital Knightz do not brag, but if we did … We would brag about our memberz.  The Order would like to recognize and congratulate some old faces coming back and some rising stars along with some new 5th circle recruits.

First : WELCOME BACK DKz-Pixel.

Pixel had to take sometime off to get that back fixed up. He is back and better then ever. The guild looks forward to hearing about whats going on in Guild Wars II.

Second: Congratulations to DKz-Shadow – DKz-Prokenbean

DKz-Shadow has been promoted to 3rd Circle Game Leader. Shadow will lead the DKz in the game WARFACE.

DKz-Prokenbean has been promoted to 3rd. Circle Game Leader. Pro will lead the DKz in the game BLACK DESERT ONLINE.

And Last but not Least !!


Pyro1267 – DanSkroll – Ravoes -JaaMz – BLOODFTW – Kanato7777 – Mr.Blackout81 – VacantEagle – BloodJello42 – DeathGirl – Coolestholiday


Thank You Every1


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    Feb 15, 2017 @ 5:07 am

    Great job guys and gals !!