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Developed by Crytek, Warface is a free to play, MMO first person shooter.  This game features in-depth Co-op and a broken PVP system as its 2 main game play components. Pros and Cons will be the basis of this review, with each individual aspect having a brief explanation for my reasoning on whether it is good or bad. The following link is to basic game info:

Since I like bad news first…. We will start with Cons.


  1. Broken PvP (Player versus Player) System
    1. Hackers / Cheaters – If you join a quick-play PvP match, you are bound to run into at least 2. These cheats can range anywhere from ESP (knowing where people are), Aimbot / Aim Assist, and lag switching. The system Crytek decided they wanted to use to dish out punishment is Fairfight. Fairfight is a server side anti-cheat engine which is perfect for a game that Untitled-3processes everything client side.Which brings me to Point B…
    2. Favor to the High Ping – If everything is rendered client-side, you would think hit registry would be damn near perfect if you are running a good rig, right? … WRONG! If you are playing in a match with people that have high pings / bad connection, you will NOT be able to hit them, and they will be able to hit you, even if you think you are behind cover. With this point, I can’t explain in detail the frustration of seeing a headshot in the middle of your crosshair, hear the sound of the bullet hit the skull, see blood, and yet no hit marker or death.
  2. LA-…..Ag…… “You have been disconnected”
    1. LAG – Yes, lag is terrible in this game, and that is not even just in PvP. There is only 1 GFACE server in the US, which was previously located in Texas, is now located in Virgina. Now, that might not seem like a bad thing, however when you have Multiple countries playing on a single server, it affects everyone. Countless times I will be in the middle of a co-op mission and I will get a 3 computer monitors symbol with an X in it (the WF sign for DCing) and it kicks me out of game.
      (Recommendation: 3 US servers, east coast / midwest / west coast)


  1. CO-OP Gameplay


  1. Daily Missions – Each day (which starts 11 PM CST) they roll out 5 new missions varying in difficulty from normal > hard > insane (where friendly fire is ON). Each mission is designed with 2 stages. There are a set number of stages for stage 1 and stage 2, but they can on any given day mix up the combinations which makes for gameplay that won’t get stale.Untitled-5


  1. Special Operations – Currently there are 3 Spec-Ops missions, Cyber Horde / Earth Shaker / and Tower Raid. These missions also have 3 difficulty settings, but are longer and harder than normal missions. There is an advantage though, they NEVER change. Once you know how to beat one, it gets much easierUntitled-6


  1. Player Customization
    1. Weaponization – I do not mean customization in the sense of traditional MMO style, with face, hair, skin color etc. I mean weapons, armor, and expansion slots for specials. With multiple weapons for the multiple classes, and then further mid-battle customization with attachments, you can best fit a class for your play style.Untitled-4
  2. New Content
    1. Operation: Anubis Part III – With the newest update looming, we look forward to Anubis, a new level of the special operations mission, which has all the goodies from the other spec-op missions. Just like this new mission, Crytek is always releasing new content, which also keeps the game from becoming stale.bc0c86faa5eb21cdcfd7d59cc5a9aa89

Overall, I’d rate this game a solid 7.7 out of 10. I personally feel the pros outweigh the cons, mostly because the cons are a relatively easy fix. Graphics (which I didn’t even talk on) are great, and there was a lot of detail and thought put into this game. If you like first person shooters, you should at least give this game a (dare I say) shot… hahaha get it?…… Well, that’s all I have for now with this game. Till next time.



Thanks for Reading!



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